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The UCBA Math Lab Needs More Tutors


I wondered, why does UC Blue Ash have all of the types of Academic Resources for subjects that students really struggle in? Some of the academic resources available are known as the writing, science, and foreign language labs, and the math lab. I think that the math lab is the most popular resource that the school has. Most people would think that with math, it’s a whole lot of information that some people have to know to continue on with their major. There are many students, but not that many tutors in the room of the math lab. Why aren’t there enough tutors in the room?

A person had given me their own opinion on math lab experience. They had told me that they don’t even go to the math lab anymore because it is such a busy operation. Students sometimes don’t get as much work done as they want to get done.

In my judgment, the math lab needs more tutors to help students with their work. Now, most of the UCBA students use the academic resources the school provides. Some go the writing lab and some use the math lab. I personally go to the math lab, even more, this semester because I’m struggling. The first thing I always realize when I enter the math lab is that the room always has a lot of people in it and only a few tutors to help. The managers would say to students, “If you really need one-on-one help in the room, it is best to come early in the morning or later on around six o’clock in the evenings.”In my head, I think to myself, “Who has time for that?”

Students have to make time for things that they really need help on with. So if they need to wake up early to get to school or stay later at school to get that one-on-one help, that’s most likely what they would have to do. As for me, sometimes I have to come on my off days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, just because there is really no help early in the day on the busiest days such as on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes, I witness people raising their hand for a long time, and after while they would sign out and leave because they feel like its wasting their time.

Don’t get me wrong, the math lab has some great tutors in there that know what they are doing. Some students just need more help than the tutors are able to provide to everyone.




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