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Single Parents in Dental Hygiene Lead a Busy Life


Everyone knows that the Dental Hygiene program at UCBA or anywhere for that matter is not only extremely competitive to get into, but once you’re in it your life is taken over. The rigorous program is a total of 2 years with multiple science classes and a lot of hands on work. I have always been curious how single parents who are in the program balance their school life, work life and real life. Do they have time to work? Who takes care of their kids? Are they putting enough time into their studying? I conducted an interview with one of my good friends Taylor Crawford who is in the Dental Hygiene program at Columbus State Community College.

J: What made you decide to apply to the Dental Hygiene program?

T: Well, I weighted my options and initially didn’t plan on going to school until I realized I needed to be a good role model for my children since their Father and I are no longer together. I know Dental Hygiene is a flexible job with a reliable income to support my family.

J: Did you fully understand what this program entails?

T: I could only read the course list so many times and try to mentally prepare for what I was about to get myself into, but the reality of it is, I had no idea until I actually began my first semester.

J: What does a normal day consist of for you?

T: The kids wake up at 6 I make breakfast (or grab whatever is convenient) get the kids dressed and out the door by 7:30. I take them to school and then go to class at UCBA for the entire day and pick my kids up at after school care around 5:30, prepare dinner (or grab whatever is convenient) let the kids play, get them ready for bed and do homework until around 12 AM.

J: Do you have a job outside of school?

T:  I work at a cafe on the weekends, but have had to limit my availability because of school.

J: Do you have any time for yourself?

T: You know what, its really really difficult to focus on anything besides school and my children. It is hard to see family members and friends and make time to focus on myself, but I know everything will pay off once I get my degree and start working so as of right now I am just trying to push through and stay focused.

J: What advice would you give other single mothers out there who want to become Dental Hygienists?

T: I would tell other single mothers to take it day by day. If you think of everything ahead that needs to be accomplished you will be overwhelmed and start doubting yourself. There will be days that you break down and question if you are capable of reaching your goal because of the heavy workload, but if you just breathe and remember your children are counting on you, it will make it worth your while.


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