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5 Grade-Boosting Destinations at UC Blue Ash


These resources, from the college library to the Writing and Study Skills Center, can help you succeed.

By Dontanya Coffey, Sam Gehrlich, Emma Hayes and Karen Rosen-Guevara

UC Blue Ash’s motto is “We Make it Possible; You Make it Happen!” This statement is at the core of everything UC Blue Ash does in order to help its students succeed. Below is a list of the top 5 student resources on campus, which can help you with everything from writing a paper and solving a math problem to graduating with your degree successfully. Keep in mind that some resources may be more useful to some students in certain situations than others. Even though this list is numbered, each resource is a vital and important part of the campus.

5. UC Blue Ash Library

The UC Blue Ash Library is a great resource.

The UC Blue Ash Library is your central destination for all things studying or research. Librarians are trained on UC’s databases in order to help students navigate the online archives and find the information they need; So, if you’re writing a research paper, speaking with our librarians would be a great idea! The library also provides laptops, calculators, and books for students to check out. Equipped with eight study rooms for group work, PCs for free use, and a Quiet Zone in the back for silent studying, the library is a wonderful space for any student to catch up on some studying.

4. Math Lab

Kevin Kellar of the Math Lab tutors a student.

If you need help with anything from statistics to physics, the Math lab has you covered! Ranging from algebra to trigonometry, calculus and beyond, the Math Lab’s family of tutors is happy to help with any level of math. It is completely free and walk-in.

3. Accessibility Resources

Whether you’re navigating the campus or aiming for an A+, Accessibility Resources is here to help you succeed.

If a student requires assistance on a short-term or long-term basis, the Accessibility Resources Office is happy to help. They work with students with any physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, or chronic accessibility needs. If you had an IEP or 504 in high school, that does not automatically transfer over, and you must speak with the Accessibility Resources Office to continue that accessibility plan. If you have a temporary injury, such as a broken arm, the Accessibility Resources Office will be happy to assist you.

2. Writing and Study Skills Center

The wonderful team at the Writing and Study Skills Center is ready to help you.

Writing and Study Skills is ready to help a student write a paper from the brainstorming process to the proofreading process. Utilizing 1 hour appointments or 30-minute walk-in periods, the Writing and Study Skills Center can help with papers, reports, resumes, applications, and more. They also help with studying skills for the long term including time management and critical thinking skills.

  1. Academic Advising
The family of UC Blue Ash advisors supports students.

Academic advisors are here to help their students succeed. Each student is provided with an academic advisor who has extensive knowledge of their program and what students must do to accomplish their goals. It is mandatory to meet with an advisor once a semester, but it is recommended that you meet with them more often to ensure your success in college.

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