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A Keen Observation: A UCBA poem


A welcome break between Science classes,
Endless laughter and chatter echo
Through the corridors of Walter’s Hall.
Students huddle together—
Some stand in corners,
Some sit cross-legged on the floor.
They reminisce and share photo memories—
Stored on smartphones sporting candy-colored cases—
Of carefree days gone too soon.
Memories and fading tan lines
Are all that remain
Of the tranquil days of summer.

Some students distance themselves
And choose instead, the company of a
Tablet screen, snug-fit earbuds and a Netflix original.
Casual and comfortable “duds” dominate—
Jeans, T-shirts and school spiritwear—a sea of red and black.
Wait! What? No UGG boots? Nope, not yet.
Backpacks of various colors and fashions
Burst at the seams—
Stuffed with heavy, costly textbooks and
Various technology must-haves.
Sadly, students’ stress levels will soon rival
The weight of their hefty backpacks.

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