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Generation One, First to Get It Done


In this case, Gen 1 means the first generation. Imagine graduating college and all of your younger siblings and cousins are telling you they look up to you. Many people are first-generation students in college, meaning they are the first in their family to attend a college. Crazy right? If you are a first-generation student you should continue to prosper. You can be the one to blaze a trail.

While working, studying, and living in the Gen-1 theme house, on the main campus, you’ll feel at home, and you’ll feel safe. Most would say that the Gen 1 theme house was a great decision for them because it helped them pave a way for themselves that they didn’t believe they could at first.

Gen 1 is a program that started back in September of 2008 and celebrated its first program graduates in 2012. It’s a housing program that houses and supports Pell Grant eligible, first-generation students. The main focus of the program is to serve as another family and help mold its students into young scholars. The national average for first-generation graduation rate is 11%. Gen-1 recently had a cohort graduation rate of 76%. The directors serve as mentors and additional advisers to the first generation students, focusing on degree completion in four years. Over the ten years of existence, the program continues to expand as a family and see academic success across the board.

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