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College course can be difficult at times and having someone to go to for help can make things a lot easier. Sometimes professors aren’t able to dedicate time after class to students that need extra help so that’s where these FREE campus resources comes into play. The tutoring labs listened below are able to give students direct attention on the questions they have. Let’s take a look.

Science Lab

The Science Lab assists students in all different kinds of courses that pertain to science. Some of these course are Chemistry, Radiation Technology, Biology, Dental Hygiene, and Nursing.  Also the Science Lab has laboratory equipment and computers that the students are allowed to use. The students don’t need an appointment to get tutoring they can just walk in and can get help.         

Location and Contact info:

The Science Lab

Walters Hall • Room 200
Phone: (513) 936-1705

Writing and Study Skills Center

In the writing center there is different kinds of tutoring. People can be tutored  individually or in a group, but an appointment is necessary. Tutors can help students with their writing and reading skills. This resource center also provides study skill tutoring, which can help students manage time more efficiently.   

Location and contact info:   

The Writing Lab

Muntz Hall • Room 112K
Writing Center Director – Robert Murdock


Phone: (513) 745-5733

Math Lab

The Math Lab helps students with all different math levels and physics. No appointment is needed to go to the math lab, but there’s a sign in computer at the front.

Location and contact info:

The Math Lab

Muntz Hall • Room 112 G
Phone: (513) 745-5760


Foreign Language Lab

Taking a foreign language can be difficult for some people so the  Foreign Language Lab is a good tool to use. The tutors in the lab can clear up any questions the students have on the foreign language and their homework . They can give tutoring in Spanish, German, and French.  

Location and contact info:

The Foreign Language Lab

Muntz Hall • Room 350 & 350F
Phone: (513) 745-5649


UCBA Shuttle

The shuttle is public transportation for students. It’s destination points are from UC Blue Ash College to UC Main Campus. This is a free resource for students, and is very useful for students without cars or others ways of transportation. The shuttle is very convenient, however, time  management is needed to keep track of when each shuttle comes and leaves. An app is provided where you can keep track of each shuttle.


Location/Stops: UC Main Street & UC Blue Ash

Run Time: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Shuttle Tracker App: DoubleMap

Shuttle Services Phone: (513) 556-4424


Visit the Official Site @:




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