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You Don’t Want to Miss UCBA’s Study Abroad Opportunities


University of Cincinnati Blue Ash is offering three different study abroad programs students may choose to take this summer, with a variety of beautiful destinations waiting to be explored.

Students should keep an open mind about studying abroad as countless interviews have shown a conclusive theme, and that is: It’s worth it.


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UC Blue Ash gives students the chance to expand their perspectives by studying abroad.

This consensus was backed by multiple people with all sorts of college backgrounds and from varied fields of study. For instance, Leo a mechanical engineer and Xavier graduate, explained how just seeing a different part of the world changed his whole perspective on life, helped him focus his studies, and helped assure him he made the right career choice.  Josh, a Miami University senior who studied abroad recently, said he fell in love with Spain and plans on living there after graduation. So at the end of the day, don’t overlook these opportunities to study abroad, you never know it may change your life.

Destinations for summer of 2018, include Costa Rica, Great Britain + Spain, and Quebec City + Montreal. During summer 2019, students who go on the Great Britain trip, including England and Wales, can take one or both of the following courses:  English 2095 “Writing about Place: Observing Objects and Discussing Difference” and CMDS 2095 “The Art of Visual Storytelling: Documenting Character and Place Through Photography.”

Students who go on the Peru trip in 2019 will take SPAN 2065 “Latin American Culture and Civilization: Land of Many Cultures.”

The UCBA study abroad web site has more information on the upcoming trips, funding, or scholarship opportunities involving the study abroad programs.

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