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Ten Great Ways to Procrastinate



By Tyla Thompson, Jonah Monhemius, Courtney Earls, Bryan Nause


Hobbies That Control Our Lives

Lots of students have other interest besides school. In their free time they find ways to engage in hobbies they are passionate about. I personally really like to order car parts and work on my cars, but everyone has their own thing they like to partake in their time. I’d rather dedicate my time into my hobbies instead of being a college student all the time with college responsibilities. Having a hobby is a way to relax yourself while doing what you really enjoy. Being in college there’s definitely not enough time to relax, there’s always something else to worry about.

Social Media & Memes

Don’t you just love your phone? You may say you can’t live without it, right? There are several reasons that people love their phones but one of the biggest part is social media. Just about everyone has some type of social media from Snapchat to Twitter. There are several things that attract us to our social media’s such at hashtags and memes. Don’t you love a good meme?  It’s nothing like screenshotting a funny meme and sending it to your friends for a great laugh.

Sleep & Naps bring us back

Did someone say naps? Yup, I sure did. There’s nothing like a good nap after a long day of working hard or a long day of procrastination lol. Naps are very essential for us college students. I do one assignment and be ready to take a nap lol. You ever wake up from a nap and needed a nap? You ever took such a great nap that it put you in a good mood? If not go take a nap. You’re in college you deserve it!

Our Virtual Life of  Video Games


College can sometimes be hard and video games helps relieve a lot of that stress. So when you’re stressed about that three page paper, just play a video game. One reason people play video games is that it’s something fun to do with friends. Also another reason people do play video games is for a challenge. You can even talk to people from all around the world on live. Personally the main reason why I like video games is because of the community on xbox live.  

Stuffing Our Faces

Who doesn’t love to chow down on some food in their spare time or maybe go out to a restaurant to grab some food. In college it’s always nice to get out of the school scene at least a little bit. Get out of the house or dorm you live in and go out to try some new food. Or stick with something you know you like. It might relieve some of the college stress. Making food at home, though, could be the cheapest option for students who are already losing their mind thinking about the amount of money they’re spending already on school alone. No matter what when students get time to grab some food they will even, if it’s to push something (like a big project) off a few more minutes.

Ball is Life

The UC gymnasium has many great features, including a swimming pool, lap pool, sauna, and extensive workout machines, but one of the biggest draws to the rec seems to be the basketball courts. With almost every court constantly going with 5v5 games playing to 15, many people come out with their friends to get a game or two in. Some people used to play basketball in high school and continue to play in the rec for the enjoyment of the game. Others use it as their cardio for their workouts, and some people just like to go and watch the highly competitive pick-up games.

Working out

In the wise words of Robert Frank, “Swol is the goal, size is the prize, confidence is key, its gains o’clock everybody. lets goooo!” So in other words put down the cakes, cookies, and pies and hit the gym. Working out helps keep people motivated.

Musical Wonders

This is something that almost everyone does on a daily basis. For some people however, listening to music isn’t just something to give background noise while they study, its a way to escape from their everyday troubles and relax. You know like when you’re feeling sad and you play a sad song to help you cry. Don’t act like you’ve never done it before. Depending on the situation, music can also be used to comfort, excite, pump up ect. Nowadays it is difficult to walk anywhere and not see headphones in someone’s ears, showing the importance of music in today’s society.


UC is filled with creative students whose hobbies include taking pictures, drawing, playing music, making videos and so much more. Given free time these students choose to explore these creative endeavors and come up with new ways to keep themselves occupied and explore their imagination. Just like when you’re sitting at your desk ready to have a nervous breakdown about school work and you start imagining graduation. Being creative is important for students in college in order to save money and not be bored for the entire day. It encourages students to go out and figure things out in their everyday lives.

Tv Time


Besides Netflix & chill a lot of UC students tend to spend some of their free time watching Netflix/Hulu. One reason for this is because there’s a wide range of movies and TV shows to choose from with several different categories and genres to watch. Also a nice feature about it is it can be used on a lot of different devices not just a system. So with that being said, you can watch TV on your phone while you’re in class. (You didn’t hear that from us). After watching TV shows and movies, it learns what the viewer likes and makes recommendations.  Ps: You get Hulu free if you’re a Sprint user. Share to save a college student’s life.


We are not responsible for any of your procrastination you may get from our article. You were a procrastinator before you started reading this article.


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