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Top Three Reasons to Join an Organization



Joining a college organization or a club benefit you throughout your academic years and in your future career. If you want to make friends join a club, this is a great way to meet other like-minded people. Being part of an organization gives you a sense of belonging, and you feel part of college. It’s a different transition I know, but it’s not high school anymore. It’s way better. There is a type of organization for everyone one. It’s okay if you are an introvert or an extrovert. There are lots of organization so hurry and go the Student Life & Engagement to find the organization for you.  Here are some of the few things that you will learn by joining a college organization.

Students walk along a sidewalk

Students walk across the UCBA campus.


Being active in networking is fundamental to career growth. Networking is building relationships and being visible to others. Networking involves attending meetings by getting to know other people who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return. In college, most of the people will be other college students, professors, staff, and guests that could be employers or speakers.

Networking can help you open new doors. By expending your contacts, it can lead to new opportunities in areas like career advancement, business leads, and personal growth. New people that you will meet will be the ones that will refer you to a potential job and introduce you to new people of higher management.

Networking will also serve you in strengthening your relationships. It will help you to trust and help one another to get close to your goals. Networking also serves a source of fresh ideas. The people you will meet will give you new perspective and ideas to help you in your career. People think in different ways, consulting someone else can always be beneficial to you.


Higher grades

As a college student, you will have to learn to balance classes, homework, family and friends, and other commitments you may have.

This can be a lot and adding another commitment can be even more overwhelming. Suggesting you join a student organization can impact your career and student experience in a positive way. Joining a club or organization can give you lots of benefits like helping you earn a high grade. Learning time management will help a lot in this area. Having a schedule will help you to identify patterns and recurring tasks, which will help you to have a smoother day. This will help you to prioritize tasks and activities that way you can focus on what matters, school! Because of your attention, you will most likely avoid time wasters. You will set boundaries so you can get your tasks done. By this you will focus on what really matters like studying, doing, homework and catching on other school activities.


Leadership skills

 Another of the benefits is that you will gain leadership skills. Learning to be a leader will be invaluable in areas of your life. This is a good opportunity for you to improve in public speaking, and confidence in yourself as an individual.

Being in a group will help you develop the sense of responsibility. There will be meeting dates that you will show up. Showing up on time is a central component of being a leader as it shows the group members an example.

Since you will be most likely be interacting with people, you don’t know you will have the chance to practice speaking skills. It can be terrifying at first, but practicing will help you get better. As you introduce yourself and talk to strangers, you will be knocking out the nervous feelings, the sweaty palms, and even reducing that feeling that you get in your stomach.

In every career, it is fundamentally important to be able to get your message across. Being part of an organization will help you to give a formal presentation to an audience or talking to person higher in rank. Learning speaking skills will greatly help you advance in your career.


In conclusion, college is a great place to learn about soft skills. Take advantage of your college years and use it to your potential. Being involved in college will give you the experiences of what it means to be a college student. Go ahead join a college organization you will make memorable memories. You will make new friends, get better grades, learn skills in leadership and speaking. An organization will help you grow academically and professionally.



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