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Cincinnati After Tragedy: A City of Hope


Thursday, September 6th 2018 we experienced a tragedy as I’m sure you all remember. The Fifth Third shooting was unnecessary and extremely saddening  for everyone not only as Cincinnatians but as people living on this Earth, an Earth that can sometimes seem filled with hate.  We went to the sight of the shooting to see if there had been any changes made to the area and this is what we found:



In light of the tragedy that occurred in our city not so long ago there Fifth Third has put up a wall on which citizens are able to write hopeful thoughts and messages.


Attempting to Move On:

IMG_9569.JPG  IMG_9572.JPG

The overall message of the wall seems to have become one of positivity, love and a desire to never again see something so awful happen to our city or any other.


Signs of Love:

2018-09-29 12.19.14 1.jpg

As well as an overwhelming amount of hopeful messages you can also see an abundance of flowers, notes and artwork commemorating the loss of lives here that day.


Sentiments of Hope:

2018-10-01 12.58.56 1.jpg  IMG_9565.JPG

As we walked away we were left with a feeling of sadness but we were also left with a feeling of hope. Hope that some day people truly will choose love, hope for a world in which memorial walls and constantly burning candles are no longer necessary.

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