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List of Streaming Shows to Help you Procrastinate


Who watches cable TV anymore? Not many, especially college students. Most of us have subscriptions to all of the streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Now, how many of you would rather lie in bed all weekend rather than going out to party? Or watch TV while procrastinating starting your long list of homework? I know I will always choose TV over having a social life or getting stuff done. So, here is a list of some of the top TV shows on Netflix and Hulu you can binge all weekend while lying in bed… You’re welcome.



  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


13 Seasons – FXX Network – Black Comedy


A brilliantly hilarious, cringey, sitcom about five completely depraved, nihilistic, and self-centered “gang” of friends who run an unsuccessful bar in Philly. This 13 season ongoing series really makes you grateful you don’t live your life this way… at least I hope not.


  • Rick and Morty


3 Seasons – Adult Swim Network – Animated Science Fiction Sitcom (Action/Comedy)


Ooo-weee, this one is an award-winning adult cartoon that follows a cynical, mad scientist grandpa, Rick, and his naive grandson, Morty, on their adventures through space and inner dimensions.


  • Broad City


4 Seasons – Comedy Central Network – Comedy


Two 20-something year old, real life best friends, Abbi and Ilana, just trying to make it in New York City. Ilana is more of an extroverted slacker who is always looking for a frivolous adventure while Abbi is more so the ‘responsible’ one but is always sucked into Ilana’s antics. This show started off as a web series and is really hilarious and relatable to a lot of females.


  • Workaholics


7 Seasons – Comedy Central Network – Comedy


The guy version of Broad City. This show follows three dudes, Blake, Adam and Anders, who are all college dropouts and roommates, working at a telemarketing company in California. As you can imagine, the guys get into a lot of mischief.


  • Nathan for You


4 Seasons – Comedy Central Network – Cringe Comedy Docu-Reality


Stars an extremely socially awkward business school graduate who has a passion in helping struggling businesses. Each company he thinks he “helps,” he really is just hindering their business for the most part due to his outlandish and very elaborate marketing proposals. He is secretly intentionally screwing over the people but pulls it off as being legit.


  • The Eric Andre Show


4 Seasons – Adult Swim Network – Surreal Humor


Do you like shows that purposely make you feel uncomfortable? Because this is one of those shows. This show is a parody of low-budget public-access late night talk shows. It is hosted by the famous comedian Eric Andre with Hannibal Buress as a co-host. It starts off with Andre completely demolishing the set, every. single. episode. Andre is very eccentric, dysfunctional, and sometimes aggressive. He has many celebrity guests he interviews on the show and his goal seems to be to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible.


  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine


5 Seasons – NBC Fox Network – Comedy Police Sitcom


A sarcastic sitcom that follows detectives in Brooklyn New York’s Police Department. It shows the characters working around the office as well as going out to do detective work in the big city. Each character has a different dynamic that really brings the show together.




  • Black Mirror


4 Seasons – Netflix Original – Anthology Science Fiction Series


Each individual episode of this Emmy Award winning series is a standalone. Most episodes are based on a modern society with a form of new advanced technology. Black Mirror is inspired by the old anthology show Twilight Zone. Some episodes are darker and more psychological than others, but overall the storylines make you think “What if?”


  • Big Mouth


2 Seasons – Netflix Original – Adult Animated Black Comedy


Follows a group of seventh graders, boys and girls, going through puberty with all of the relatable confusing struggles we all go through. Some of the characters have their own “hormone monster” who plays as the devil on their shoulders. This show is brutally honest about puberty, with a humorous twist, and of course a fantasy outlook at times.


  • I Am A Killer


1 Season – Netflix Original – Documentary


This single season show follows ten inmates who are on death row over the course of ten episodes. Each episode interviews one inmate who tells their story from their point of view as well as interviews of the inmates family members and family of the victim. It can be pretty brutal to listen to at times, but very interesting to hear their stories and their motives.


  • BoJack Horseman


5 Seasons – Netflix Original – Adult Animated Satire Sitcom


In a world where animals and humans are alike, BoJack, a celebrity horse, works towards rising up to fame again after his hit sitcom TV show, Horsin’ Around, is canceled. This series shows BoJack and his struggle with depression, addiction, and self-destructive behavior alongside his human roommate, cat agent, and dog rival.


  • Stranger Things


2 Seasons – Netflix Original – Science/Horror Fiction


Set in the 1980s, in a fictional rural town in Indiana. Focuses on a group of pre-teen friends, when one of them goes missing. Along the search for their friend, they find a young psychokinetic girl who helps them in their efforts. A lot of mysterious events happen along the way and they find out their town’s scientific research office is up to weird supernatural things.


  • Shameless


9 Seasons – Showtime Network – Comedy/Drama


A wild roller coaster of emotions when following a dysfunctional family of two come-and-go parents with five kids, leaving the eldest to take care of all of them. It takes place in the South Side of Chicago, in the ghettos. Many characters struggle with addiction, mental health issues, and self-destructive behavior.


  • American Horror Story


8 Seasons – FX Network – Anthology Horror Fiction Series


Available on Netflix and Hulu, each season is a standalone with its own plot and storyline. There are recurring cast members throughout along with a mix of new actors. Every season is creepy in its own way, so be aware when watching alone at night. The great thing about this series is that you don’t have to start with the first season if you don’t want to. You can choose any season that may peak your interest.

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