Some Oddly Satisfying Things to Do Right Now (that you’re stuck at home)


  • Putting away laundry 
    • Admit it, sometimes you leave that clean pile of clothes on “the chair” for days, sometimes they stay there until you wear them all, but once that pile hits a point you know you need to deal with it so you finally bite the bullet and put everything away and as soon as you do you feel like a changed person.
  • Doing the dishes 
    • The only thing worse than doing a few dirty dishes is doing a pile of old, crusty dishes that have piled up over the last few days. When you’re finished eating, clean your dishes immediately to avoid a mess in the kitchen. You will feel accomplished and will thank yourself later.
  • Vacuuming 
    • You know vacuuming is one of those things you don’t really look forward to doing but once you do and you get that nice light/dark pattern going and hear everything getting sucked up it’s not so bad 
  • Clean that bathroom you haven’t cleaned in a while 
    • Other than the toilet, of course, your bathroom is a place for you to clean yourself up. That’s hard to do when your bathroom is dirtier than you are! Clean and organize your bathroom and your morning routine will go much, much smoother. On top of that, those bathroom selfies will look way better without a bunch of crap laying around.
  • Getting a head start on your homework
    • Most of us are procrastinators and we can deal with that later, but imagine that you’ve got a huge project due next week, and your friend texts you “did you do the homework???” and you get to hit them with the “yeah I did it last week.” And you know you have your life together.

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