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Four UCBA Student Orientation Leaders

UCBA Student Orientation Leaders

The Student Orientation Leader position is one of the many jobs that are available to students at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash Campus, and it allows students to take on a leadership role at this college. The position consists of many responsibilities including: setting up for student orientation, leading campus tours, facilitating small mentor groups, and helping students build their class schedules. Applications for 2019 Student Orientation Leader positions, open late in the fall semester through Jan. 25, 2019, require a letter of recommendation from someone who knows your work ethic and attitude well and a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average. Twenty of the applicants are selected to become Student Orientation Leaders and will participate in training in the spring and begin to lead orientations the following summer.

A screenshot of the 2019 Student Orientation Leader deadline

The 2019 Student Orientation Leaders application is open through Jan. 25, 2019.

The Student Orientation position will not only look good on a resume, but it will also allow for the growth of leadership skills and social skills. This job also allows for the Orientation Leaders to make lasting connection with their fellow SOLs as well as the incoming students. Of her experience as an SOL, Maddie Munro said, “I loved networking with students and giving them the resources to be the best version of themselves in college.” As a result of UCBA being a commuter campus, it can be difficult to have meaningful interactions with other students, so getting involved can be a great way to partake in student life.

Orientations are growing every year, and this past summer followed the trend with 1700 students registering to attend and this number will most likely increase again in the summer of 2019. If you’re a student attending this campus, you’ve come across one of the SOLs, decked out in red polos and khakis, at your own student orientation and most likely at other events as well.

Chris Dziekan, the Program Manager of Student Orientation, provided the following data he received from the surveys he had students from the Summer/Fall orientations after the day was over. Out of the 634 participants of this survey in response to the prompt, “Please describe any especially meaningful (positive or negative) interactions with your SOL,” 623, or 98.3%, of the responses were positive and only one, or 0.2%, was negative with the rest being neutral. Also, students were able to select up to three of thirteen activities that were the most helpful from their orientations, and the number one rated activity was the campus tour that was given by one or two Student Orientation Leaders. The rest of the data showcased similar trends with the majority of the participant’s responses to SOLs being positive.

UCBA holds information sessions.

UCBA holds information sessions.

Anyone interested in taking a part in welcoming new students to UCBA and getting more involved on campus, keep an eye out for the posters and emails that will begin circulating soon with information on where to submit your application.

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