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Featured Literature: Lamb’s Ear


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Hello, and welcome back to another semester here at UC Blue Ash! The Featured Literature Series is back and we are starting off this term with the poem “Lamb’s Ear” by Arian Burton. Her inspiration for this poem came from someone she adores dearly, as well as the patience she has gathered over time in order to understand them.

Lamb’s Ear by Arian Burton

Did you lock away the moments I couldn’t keep?

Last time I saw you, I couldn’t recognize your phone screen.

An animal is something I thought I could keep; but clearly, we all deserve to be relieved.

Was 5 months ago animated just like Walt Disney movie scenes, I lifted you up sky high like Simba.

Clearly those moments are being replayed in my memory.

When the sky was falling.

I happened to look up searching for you my sun.

Instead I saw a passenger pigeon flying high holding a message.

It was dropped on my head that split right open like a hardboiled egg.

The message read “our thoughts are like clouds that leak out memories on spring days, just so new ways can be born and the old burnt up by new sun rays.

But as I would say.

Memory betrays the thoughts, perceptions, habits, sensations and recollections of yesterday.

I can recall one thing.

The time you swept my heart away; like dust in your kitchen as you prepare for your ideas to be enjoyed by others.

Like your fleeting eyes my brain couldn’t ignore.

Simply like the season you left me at the door waiting.

For you to call back.

One day.


After all not so soon.


Arian Burton,

Best Regards.

The Author

Arian Burton is in her third year at the University Of Cincinnati Blue Ash. She is currently majoring in Liberal Arts, but plans on switching to the UC Clifton campus to study Anthropology.

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Are you interested in writing your own creative literature or seeing the written works of others? The UCBA Creative Writing Club welcomes any and all UC Blue Ash students who are interested in pursuing artistic writing in many genres. Meetings are held every Tuesday in Muntz 322 from 4-5pm and are open to all students.

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