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Seeing Cincinnati within your Budget


By Cameron Avery, Michelle Chau, Dylan Cole, Tommy Pham, and Awa Seye

1) Museums ($0-$10): Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, The Taft Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum building with parking lot in the foreground
Visiting Museums while in Cincinnati is a must. Museums are a great way to spend time with your friends and family and know more about the world’s history. Visiting Museums like the Cincinnati Art Museum (free) will change your life completely. Not only will you be smarter after exiting the door, but you will also know more about different subjects. They’re more than a collection of beautiful things , they’re the physical evidence of a country’s past and the best part of all of this is that it only costs at most $10.

2) Parks ($0-$10): The Great Parks, Sawyer Point Park, and Mt. Airy Forest

Trees with yellow leaves and bright sunlight shining through them
Any of the Great Parks, Sawyer Point Park, Mt. Airy Forest, $10 and under. If you’re looking for a hiking trail, a fun place for children, or maybe just a nice and quiet place then our parks are worth visiting. With the many Great Parks spread out through Hamilton, Sawyer Point Park in Blue Ash, and Mt. Airy forest in Mt. Airy, you have a lot of different options. To get a seasonal pass to any of the Great Parks is about ten dollars. Mt. Airy Forest and Sawyer Point Park are both free admission.

3) Gardens ($4-$10): Krohn’s Conservatory and Glenwood Gardens

Pink roses
Krohn’s Conservatory and Glenwood Gardens are both beautiful gardens located in Cincinnati. The Krohn’s Conservatory has an amazing Butterfly Show if you’re in town during March-June. If you want to go with a place that has trails for a good run or walk then Glenwood Gardens would be the garden to go to. So whether  you’re looking for a good date spot, somewhere to take the kids, or even just a place where you can learn a little bit more than you should check out our gardens.

4) Food ($10-$50): Skyline,Taste of Belgium, and Montgomery Inn

A set restaurant table with the skyline of Cincinnati in the background
Cincinnati offers many great restaurants such as Skyline Chili first opened in 1949 in Cincinnati is a great inexpensive place to bring friends and family serving their famous chili recipe that you can’t resist.
Taste of Belgium is the official waffle of the Cincinnati reds. Taste of Belgium food is inspired by American food with a Belgian twist and one of the very few places you can go to enjoy a drink at the bar with great waffles. Montgomery Inn is known for their Ribs and tasty BBQ sauce. The Montgomery Inn located in Newport provides a great view of Cincinnati, especially during night time when all the city lights are on. It gives off a great experience being able to witness how beautiful the city is and enjoying some great BBQ.

5) Shopping ($15-$30): The Findlay Market and Jungle Jim’s

Findlay Market (on the sign) above a building
A sign for Jungle Jim's
Findlay Market is Ohio’s oldest continuously operating public market. In Cincinnati it is one of the most cherished institutions, welcoming more than a million visitors a year located downtown. Jungle Jim’s is an international market located in Fairfield. Their first rule is to treat customers like gold, and the second is to have fun doing so. People travel from states away for the unique shopping experience, known for being America’s most outrageous supermarket and a fun place to go north of Cincinnati.

6) Entertainment ($25-$40): Top Golf, Full Throttle, and Kings Island

Kings Island is a 364- acre amusement park which is located just 24 miles northeast of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. It was built in 1972 and has stood tall ever since with some of the best rides people from around the world travel here just to see. In 2017 it was named the second most visited seasonal amusement park in the U.S. reaching about 3.47 million visitors. Another fun entertaining place to visit here is our indoor go kart racing called Full Throttle with karts going up to speeds of 40 mph and suits up drivers ranging from ages 4-94. It is a fun, family-friendly competitive place.

7) Animals ($12-$50): Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium

Cincinnati zoo is the second oldest zoo in United States filled with exotic animals and over 3000 plant species. Newport Aquarium was named the number 1 Aquarium in 2012 and has thousands of underwater species from all around the world. It is an excellent place to go for the family to enjoy and witness different animals that you would only see on TV.

8) Sports Events ($20-$60): FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cincinnati Reds

We have a wide range of sports teams in the Cincinnati area that could catch your taste starting with: FC Cincinnati (soccer), Cincinnati Bengals (football), Cincinnati Reds (baseball) or if some of those professional sports aren’t quite to your taste there is also the Collegiate Cincinnati Bearcats playing many sports. Each sport team/event brings a different type of welcoming Cincinnati “feel.” This is a place for adults to see their favorite televised athletes and for kids to gain an unforgettable experience. The prices may vary. Soccer – $20-$40, Football- $40-$60 (may vary), Baseball- $20-$40(may vary).

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