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Featured Literature: What is Love


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This week, the work we are showcasing is titled “What is Love”, (no, not the song,) a poem written by Ella Diane. This piece was inspired by the love Ella feels for her partner, Mason. She wanted to create something that showed how much he means to her and how he makes her feel.

What is Love by Ella Diane

A four letter word more complex than life

What is Love

The tingle in my spine when he lightly brushes against me

The flutter in my chest when he smiles my way

The loss of breath when he kisses everything out of me


A small word that means more than anything else

What is Love

The blush on my cheeks when he tells my I’m beautiful

The warmth from the jacket he gives me when I’m cold

The safety he makes me feel when he holds me tight and close


A phrase that can change your world in a single moment

What is Love

The tears in the corners of my eyes when we occasionally fight

The sadness I feel when we’re apart for too long

The horrific thought of losing him to something unknown


The feeling in my heart for him and him alone

What is Love

Love is him and I

The Author

Ella Diane is a freshman majoring in Liberal Arts at The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash. However, she is considering switching over to writing, as that is something she enjoys very much.

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Are you interested in writing your own creative literature or seeing the written works of others? The UCBA Creative Writing Club welcomes any and all UC Blue Ash students who are interested in pursuing artistic writing in many genres. Meetings are held every Tuesday in Muntz 322 from 4-5pm and are open to all students.

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