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Going through the course of your college career is like being stuck in traffic. In the moment you seem overwhelmed and frustrated, and even though it might take a long time to get where you are going, you will get there with a little bit of patience and dedication. Over the course of my college career there are definitely a lot of lessons that I have learned along the way about how to become a more successful student/adult.

The main value I have learned is to better manage my time and responsibilities. When going through school it can definitely be a little overwhelming managing all of the work from your classes, especially if you have other things in your life such as a job or children.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

The first thing I have learned that helps with pretty much anything, and that is to not procrastinate and wait till the last minute to start assignments/projects. Although you might seem a lot more busy all of the time, you will feel a lot more organized and stress free.

I used to always wait till the last minute to start things, but after many long, stressful evenings and many failures I realized that this helpful tip can help prevent a lot of unwanted and unnecessary. A good tool that I have used to help with this is a planner, this way you can plan ahead and won’t be caught off guard by most things.

2. Ask for advice and constructive criticism

The second thing would be to make sure you ask for advice and also take constructive criticism. At this point in our lives it can be difficult to admit that we need help or can’t do things ourselves but taking a little advice from someone or trying to see through someone else’s perspective can really help open our mind and overall make us more productive and understanding individuals.

I can say that my older siblings have always been there to teach me a lesson or guide me when I have been lost throughout my experience as a young adult and it’s having people like this that makes life that much easier.

3. Put school first

Something major that comes to mind when thinking of being successful in school is that one always must put school first. The education someone is paying so much money for in hope of getting a job is more important than just scraping by throughout your life with only a little bit of extra money in your pocket. Before I attended college I took two years off after high-school with the mindset that I was not going to go to school. After working a few jobs during those years I realized that I wanted to do more with my life if I was going to be working all of the time anyway. So if it means one needs to work less to perform better in school, that is the route I would recommend personally.

4. Go out of your comfort zone

For someone to have access to new opportunities in their lives, they are often times going to have to step out of their comfort zone. It can be difficult to try new things, but I have learned that putting yourself out there helps one take the most advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them throughout their lives. For example I absolutely dread taking my public speaking class, but it is vital to my development as a college student and will help me be comfortable expressing myself around other people and also help the overall performance of my presentations. Also it helps to get involved with the community at your school, whether it be joining clubs or simply just attending local events. It can maybe even help to take a silly elective such as yoga or swimming to help show you a more fun side of the university.

I know I struggled a lot with my education in the past, but after learning to allocate my time and skills better it has made me a more responsible and successful student. There are always plenty of simple and easy things people can do to make their lives easier, and hopefully the matters discussed here can help you in some way.

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