Have Problems Balancing Life as a Student? We Have Solutions


Time Management is tough when you’re balancing school, work, and social life. Here, we break down the problem and provide some great solutions.


Finding a schedule that works into your daily life is pretty hard if you have to work every day. After getting the schedule to work in your daily life you then have to worry about homework in the subjects and how you are going to complete it every day. After doing homework you will feel exhausted but then you have to think about studying for upcoming test or quizzes. Then if you are in any classes with group work you have to find some time of your day for the week that is already valuable enough and put it towards a group project if that even means meeting people places or working on it online together.

  • Solutions

Try to get your homework done in the beginning of the week.

Talk to your academic adviser

Make a calendar for the week

My Study Life App on your phone


While going to school and worrying about homework, studying, and more, you then have to focus on work. Work schedules can’t always be made to fit your life so you then worry about if you have enough time for other things. Work is a thing many people need in there lives as a student to make money for your life.

  • Solutions

Talk to your boss

Put school assignments first

Get homework and other assignments done before working

Try to change schedules with someone

If you have to find another job

Social Life

Outside of school and work, it is questionable if you even have enough time for social life between friends, family, and sports. If you are going to school every day and working every day it is hard to put in perspective that you will want or even can have time for this. Most of the time after being exhausted all week you might just want to rest and not go anywhere or do anything. And snap chatting and talking on the phone is one thing but it can’t make memories with the people you would like to. Then if you are playing a sport how is it even possible to do school and work everyday. This is a topic that has been looked into by many levels of people from government officials to school principals to the students themselves. There is just not enough time to do all three and it is something that has to be talked about as a student.

  • Solutions

Make time on the weekends

Make plans when you know you have time

Don’t be afraid to say that you want to stay home and rest

If you play sports in college you have an opportunity that many people do not have so your relationships will be with your team

By Kaia Bland, Evan Bold, Morgan Hoover

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