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Profile: Maya Harris, Radio Personality and Journalist.


Many UCBA students have a creative side to them that they struggle to dedicate adequate time towards. Young people, especially students, often have too many things to balance at once and it can hinder their progress in personal projects. Do you ever feel this way? There’s many previous students who balanced school and were successful in launching their creative ventures. Meet Maya, current resident of New Jersey, Maya is a journalist, media personality and video editor, bringing her creativity to the table as a host to her very own and newly launched Podcast ‘That Moment When’ along with her personal blog

Maya started radio in 2015 calling the women’s basketball games for her university’s radio station and had the opportunity to co-host and produce a couple of shows for a small Internet radio program. When asking about how her projects came into existence she says “I always knew that I wanted to have my own platform where I made my own rules so that’s where my website came in. She makes it a priority for herself, to navigate her way through the creative universe while representing women of color during the process. Maya herself describes her endeavors as “Giving communities of color the opportunity to share their experiences and stories as they navigate through a world that constantly tells them that they aren’t enough.”.

On her blog she focuses on topics such as race and her experience as a biracial woman, mental health, career ventures, and fashion. She explains that “the blog focuses on my personal experience but I try to frame it in a way where the content is relatable and is a teachable moment for others and lets them know that they aren’t alone in the world.”. Once a student like all of us at UCBA, she balanced school and work while pursuing her own creativity, ideas and businesses. When asking how she was able to dedicate time to her side projects as a student, she says “Planning ahead, staying organized and striving for the benefits in the future.” is what she consistently did to be successful. For those who are hoping to pursue something on their own but aren’t quite sure how to do so, while being a college student, Maya is a great example of the possibility of just doing it. Don’t let the stress of school and work prevent you from pursuing other goals you might have.

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