3 Ways to Deal With Stress During Finals Week


By Divya Joshi and Carrie Leeper

"LEARNING" on book spines, in gold letters, part of a free image from
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“LEARNING” on book spines, in gold letters, part of a free image from

1.) Go to the learning centers offered at UC Blue Ash.

There is a science learning lab, math lab, foreign language lab, and writing center. There are all FREE resources to help students do well in their classes.

You don’t have to be failing to get help. At first, I was nervous coming to the math lab. I felt like I was being judged. After the first couple of visits, I would go even if I had a quick question and I was just passing by. The Physics tutors are really nice and helpful. I would do my Mastering Physics homework in there. When I got stuck on a problem or needed a more in depth explanation, they were always there to help me out. This semester I am in Physics 2, and I still use the math lab.

2.) Read a good book.

Finals are stressful and sometimes you need to escape the pressure and relax. However, zoning out on YouTube or Netflix disconnects you from your studies and makes it hard to jump back in. Reading a good book keeps your mind active while pulling your focus away from everything else.

I’m not talking about massive scientific novels that hurt your head but books at your own level such as Harry Potter or Curious George. You can escape your own world and problems in a productive manner.

3.) Sleep!

Sleep is often overlooked in finals. We care more about cramming information in our heads that resting them.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” and “coffee instead please” become common themes. However, you need sleep for your brain to function. More than memorizing a study guide, it is important to have enough sleep and be able to think clearly and analytically.

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