UCBA Students: Advice for Transitioning to Main Campus


So you’re nearing the end of your time here at Blue Ash, and you want to get your bachelors or go to grad school. Transitioning to Clifton may seem overwhelming, and honestly it’s not great. But, it’s not that bad either! Here’s some things you can expect that I wish someone had told me as I transitioned to downtown.

1: Filling out the form isn’t that bad, but can be.

The many different colleges on main campus are trying to have a uniform way to transfer, but haven’t done it yet. Some of them, like McMicken, have online forms that are pretty easy to fill out, but some require you to go through a more complex process. So before you start, make sure you know which college you are changing too. This link can help you sort through this. Just make sure you don’t submit it more than once. Finally: Pay attention to application deadlines on these forms. We have longer than students enrolling from outside UC colleges, but stay on top of it.

2: Advisers here can’t help you

Your adviser at Blue Ash will not be able to help you very much. Whether or not you’re looking to get a meeting to schedule new classes or get recommendations, advisers here can’t help you. Once you’ve filled out the change of college form, you aren’t a student at Blue Ash. If you need to get adviser permission to access a certain class, or have questions about what will best fit your major, you will have to find your adviser on the Clifton campus. Also: It’s likely that you will have an adviser for your major and one for your minor, AND one for common education classes.

3: Plan out spare cash for parking

Through the process, you will likely have to go to Clifton to meet with one of your many advisors to make sure everything is in place. UCBA students don’t get parking discounts or privileges, so it’s a good idea to plan for the shuttle or saving some cash for parking there. It is also a good idea just to get familiar with where everything is on campus, if you aren’t already.

4: Speaking of parking, the passes are PRICEY

Keep in mind now that the parking passes for Clifton are pretty hefty. You can start buying parking passes for Fall of 2019 on May 14. Look at maps of campus, and figure out what building you’ll likely be in the most. Your parking pass is good for the garage you choose, not all of them, so pick wisely.

5:  Check in with financial aid

Clifton is far more expensive, but luckily that means you can get more financial aid as well. If you know you are planning to transition, check in with OneStop and make sure your FAFSA is updated. We all need all the help we can get, so simply doing those things can help make the transition better on your wallet.

It will be worth it!

The process may be annoying, and the price intimidating, but it will be worth it. This is the time to plan ahead and to ask yourself what you really want to do with your life. The most important thing to do is to plan ahead. Once you’re there, the classes will be huge, the professors will have less time for you, and office hours will be hard to get. But stay on the homework, get help when you need it, and enjoy the learning. Your major may even have special opportunities and plans to help you achieve your career goals. This is our time, so let’s make the most of it, and pursue our dreams.

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