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Four Common College Myths Debunked by UCBA Student


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There are common college stereotypes people have about college in terms of classes, getting good grades, and campus life at UCBA in general. I am a sophomore student at UC Blue Ash, and I’m going to answer a few of them and relate them back to UC Blue Ash.

1.You have to live on campus in order to have the full college experience.

I have never lived on campus, and I can say that I do feel like I’m getting a full college experience. This being a commuter campus, some students live on Clifton campus and use the UCBA shuttle, but most commute back and forth. Getting involved at Blue Ash and/or Clifton will help you feel more like a typical college student. “I have been commuting every year, but I do so much on campus that I feel like I practically live there!” said aUCBA third-year student.

2.You have to know your major and be sure of it when coming to college.

This is not true! Most college students change their major. Some do it once, some do it a couple of times, and that is okay. College is a time to explore interests and figure out what you want to study. There are so many majors offered at UCBA to explore.

“I started out undecided, was a pre-nursing major, and now I am currently a marketing major,” said a second-year UCBA student. Constantly explore other careers and talk with an advisor and people in careers you are interested in.

3.The Freshman 15 will happen to me

It might happen to some, but I don’t know anyone that it has happened to. The freshman 15 tends to happen to students living away from home, and not having time to cook. This causes them to gain 15 pounds.

UCBA being a commuter campus it varies from gaining a little weight, living from home and having your parents prepare food, or even losing weight due to lack of time to eat.

A student buries her head in a pile of books.
A student buries her head in a pile of books.

4.I’ll be living off of coffee

This depends on the person. A lot of my friends have been living off of coffee. Some choose soft drinks and energy drinks, and some don’t drink too much coffee. I do not live off of coffee, but I am drinking more coffee than I did in high school.

If you are a coffee drinker, good news: UCBA is close to two coffee places. There is a Dunkin less than 5 minutes away and a Starbucks less than 10 minutes away.

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