10 Good Jobs for College Students near UC Clifton


Working while in school can be tough, rent money must be made somehow. Below are some jobs that offer tuition assistance and some on or around the Clifton campus that students can get to earn money – money that won’t go directly to gas. These 10 jobs vary in job description but all include a flexible schedule, great pay and benefits.

Jobs that offer tuition assistance

Paying your way through college can be hard which is why tuition assistance is the way to go when looking for the perfect student job. Here are a few easily accessible jobs that require little to no experience and are known for their tuition assistant programs in Cincinnati. 

  Starbucks Barista

University of Cincinnati has three Starbucks locations on campus and several right off of campus. Starbucks is a popular coffee shop, practically on every campus and corner across America. For busy college students, having a reachable job is top priority. Becoming a barista at Starbucks comes with a higher-than-minimum wage pay of $9.20-$10.20 along with other benefits like health, dental and vision insurance. Most importantly, Starbucks is one of the few “food” places to offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. Click Starbucks to apply today.

Crew Member at Chipotle 

“Free” is one of the favorite words in a students vocabulary, so it’s important to mention that working at Chipotle entitles you to get free food. Students, or non-students, are eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance while employed along with their above minimum wage pay of $11-$13 an hour. Chipotle also offers paid breaks and paid time off, taking a whole pound of stress off your shoulders during midterms or finals week. Lasty, Chipotle kindly pays up tp $5,250 a year for tuition assistance – covering books, school supplies or taking a small dent out of tuition.  Click Chipotle to apply today!


Driving 30 minutes to the nearest UPS location may seem out of the way but it’s a pretty solid deal with the benefits they are handing out. UPS is set to offer dental, hearing and vision care plus covering the cost of prescription drugs and medical care. They even allow part-time employees to earn up to $25,000 for their college education. Click UPS to apply today!   

Ohio National Guard

The Ohio National Guard is part of the reserve component for the United States Armed forces. Army National Guard and Air National Guard are the two branches that students choose to join. This career field requires one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year. Students who are in the National Guard can have 100% of their tuition covered by any public college or university they choose in Ohio, as well as earning a monthly stipend of $375 (G.I. Bill). This allows students to serve in their community and their country while receiving their education. To enlist, you will have to talk to a recruiter to see if you’d be a good fit.


After 90 days of employment, T-Mobile employees will get up to $5,250 for full-time employees and $2,500 for tuition fees. As long as the classes are approved in advance with an average of C- or better, eligible employees can take advantage of this amazing benefit. Click T-Mobile to learn more and apply today. 

If working in retail or restaurants is more up your alley then these five great places in Clifton could be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, they do not include tuition reimbursement but they all have equally great pay and include benefits.  

Jobs near the Clifton Campus

Izen’s Drunken Bento

Drunk Bento is widely known for their sushi and fun atmosphere. It is open till 2:30 am on weekends and 1:30 am for weekdays so you know you’ll be given a lot of hours, which means more money. With it being almost constantly busy, as a server you are constantly turning over tables and making tips left and right. Even if you don’t want to serve, they have a to-go job that keeps you on your toes and also makes great tips. Go into Drunken Bento today to apply!

The Dime Bar (Short Vine)

Turning 21 is a fun and crazy time. It’s also a time when you can be a bartender. Dime on Short Vine is a small and fun little bar with a good selection of beer and great bartenders to make cocktails. It is located a block from campus and always gets a crowd and a line out the door on the weekends. Being a bartender is a late-night job but adding up all the tips at the end of the night is worth the craziness that went on. Click The Dime Bar to learn more about them and how to apply.

 Adriatico (Clifton)

Adriatico’s is located in the heart of Clifton, right by campus. It is widely known for their personal pizza and cheesy tater tot appetizer. You can apply to be a server or a bartender. They have over 20 beers on tap, and you can always count on high check averages which makes the tip go up. Click Adriatico  to learn more about them and how to apply!

Target on Calhoun 

Within walking distance from campus and almost any restaurant in Clifton is the well known Target. It is small but has all the basic needs you will ever need. The starting pay is $12-15 an hour. They are open till 10 am so you could easily get homework done after you get off of work and you don’t have to worry about walking home super late at night. Click Target to apply right now.

CVS (William Howard Taft Rd.)

This CVS is located directly across the street from campus, right by Kroger on Short Vine. It has a 24-hour pharmacy, which means they are always looking for employees to cover more hours. Employees make minimum wage to start out but can get up to $16 an hour. Click CVS to apply today.

By Cara Calabrese, Briana Proffitt, Briana Staples and NaQia Whitaker

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