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“Meeting students and helping them navigate their new college lives has been game-changing for me,” says Kendyll Dicker, a former Student Orientation Leader (SOL) and current Student Ambassador at UC Blue Ash. SOLs are not only able to greet incoming students at orientation and help them learn more about our college, they also develop skills that will transfer into any career. Communication, public speaking, problem solving, and leadership are just a few of the lifelong skills that SOLs will gain, while also getting paid!

Applications for this exciting position are open now! Typically, about 20-22 students are accepted. They are chosen through a rigorous interviewing process that begins with group interviews and ends with a 15-minute, one-on-one interview with a staff member. Chris Dziekan, Student Life manager who oversees orientation and the SOL program, encourages students from all walks of life to apply. He describes the position as “intense but rewarding.”

Kendyll Dicker, SOL

January 24 marks the cutoff for applications to be turned in, and interviews will take place throughout February (2020). Students will know if they have gotten the position before spring break in March. Students must be available throughout most of the summer so that they can be present at 15 out of the 20 total orientation sessions. Additionally, twelve Student Ambassadors are chosen directly from the pool of SOLs.

If you are interested in impacting the lives of students at UC Blue Ash and gaining invaluable skills that will last you a lifetime, apply today!

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