10 Everyday ways to Save the Earth


1. Browse the web using Ecosia rather than Google

Ecosia is a free, reliable search engine that uses its profits to plant trees all over the world. They publish monthly financial reports, power their servers with renewable energy, and they don’t sell user data! Just by searching the web using Ecosia rather than Google, trees get planted, people in underdeveloped countries get jobs, and the world becomes a better place. 

2. Thrift Shop (up-cycle) 

Rather than purchasing new items, check out what other people have donated when you drop your old clothes off. Thrift shopping and recycling reduce waste not only in landfills but also the waste the factories produce. It is far more sustainable than throwing away and buying a new product every time you need something.

3. Donate used items 

Rather than throwing away old clothes, furniture, and appliances, you can take them to a local thrift store or Goodwill. This takes up less space in landfills and also provides people more affordable options when searching for items.  In addition to reducing your waste you can also write donated items off on your taxes.

4. Eat Vegan/ buy local (in season) produce

When purchasing produce, try your best to only buy only the fruits and vegetables  in season. Many communities have frequent farmers markets where you can find fresh produce to purchase. This way you are also supporting local farmers. Furthermore, reducing the amount of meat and animal products you consume makes a large impact. Eating vegan means cutting out any product that comes from animals. There are a number of wonderful restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options located in the Cincinnati area that you can visit including: The Loving Hut, Happy Chicks Bakery, Rooted Juicery and Kitchen, The Whole Bowl, Sleepy Bee Cafe, Essen, and the Green Farm Juicery. 

5. Buy Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Eco friendly clean products such as Honest, Simple Green, and Mrs. Meyers are all safer cleaning options.  Even big brands such as Clorox make a “green” version of their products. These green products are made using sustainable manufacturing, are naturally derived, and use biodegradable ingredients.  

6. Reduce water and energy waste: Take shorter showers/turn lights off when you leave the room, turn off the water when brushing teeth

By reducing the amount of water and electricity you use, money won’t be the only thing you’re saving.  You will be reducing how much water you use by up to 10 gallons by shaving two minutes off your shower time.  Likewise, by turning the water off when you brush your teeth will also reduce this. Additionally, turning lights off when you leave a room will reduce how much electricity you use which  will reduce your energy consumption.  

7. Use reusable items (water bottles, bags, straws, ext.)

Cut out single waste plastic by using items that are reusable such as water bottles, straws, and bags.  These items often end up in landfills where it takes years for them to decompose while also leaving harmful chemicals in the soil which can seep into water sources.  For people living near bodies of water such as The Great Lakes or the Ocean, many of these items also end up there. This causes harm to marine life and even the water we drink.  It’s easy to replace that disposable water bottle with something more environmentally friendly like a stainless steel bottle or a plastic BPA free bottle such as a Nalgene or a Camelbak.  

8. Recycle! 

You can reduce landfill waste by sorting your trash into recyclables.  Things like plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, paper, ziplock bags, and paper are all able to be recycled.  Also look for products made from recycled material for a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. 

 9. Carpool! 

Save money on gas and help the environment!  If you are going out with friends try and carpool to reduce CO2 emissions by riding with a friend.  If you live near each other consider riding together or if you are going a further distance consider meeting at a location and then riding the remainder of the trip together.  Many states even have High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on highways that allow you to pass traffic if you have more than one person in your car!

10. Be an advocate for the environment 

Stand up for what is right! You know how important saving our environment is, so don’t be afraid to get your voice out there! One of the best ways to be more eco- friendly is to spread the word and get your friends and family on board too. 

By Audrey Cook, Cooper Bucalo, and Angela Hunt

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