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Top 5 Worst Places to Go For (Cancelled) Spring Break 2020


5. Nebraska

Things to do include:

  • Building a corn maze.
  • Racing Tractors
  • Measure the depth of the Platte River with a ruler
  • Jumping across state lines of Nebraska and Iowa
  • Wait– isn’t Nebraska in self-isolation too?

4. Parents’ House

Things to do include:

  • Having stimulating dinners with your parents
  • Doing the chores you didn’t know you had
  • You are stuck fixing the router and opening jars for your mother

3. North Korea

Things to do include:

  • You can’t get in. Give up

2. Cincinnati

Things to do include:

  • You can enjoy every season in one day
  • There is literally nothing to do but drink at below average bars. And they’re closed anyway.

1. Any Place Under CDC Restriction Level 3 aka Travel Ban due to Corona Virus.

  • Isn’t this everywhere? Stay home

By Kyle Biggs, CK Seck, and Cam Garcia

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