UCBA Coronavirus Stories: Working at a Grocery Store and Classes Online


I’ve faced challenges and encountered numerous obstacles, but none of them have compared to what we are seeing today, known as Corona or COVID-19. This virus has changed the lives of many people including me.

In the beginning I took the virus lightly and didn’t pay much attention. When I got the news that our university was being temporarily closed down, I began to panic because it got serious to me. I started to notice that other businesses were being shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

But my job is what the government deemed “essential.” I work at a grocery store so I come in contact with a few hundred people a day, and it gets a little nerve wracking having to be so close to people I don’t know with all of this happening. My workplace didn’t provide us with any personal protection equipment so we are pretty much on our own as far as protecting ourselves. With this virus being airborne and the lack of masks available, I had to make my own out of a bandana and hair ties.

At this point I am now scared because I still have to work with the public during this pandemic. I also have a respiratory illness (asthma) which makes me high risk.

The coronavirus has added a great deal of stress on me. When I enter my job, I have to worry about whether I will leave healthy or if I’ll contract it while being here. Also I find myself struggling with my class work due to me being a hands-on learner and with the virus I am now my own teacher.

Even with the trouble it has caused in my life this virus has also taught me a lot. I’ve learned how to be a better student and teacher because I no longer have that extra help from my professors that I would get being in the classroom.

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