UCBA Coronavirus Stories: Balancing my High Risk Job at an Emergency Vet Clinic with School Online


How many of us are worried about Covid-19? All of us? Some of us? How about the ones that are still currently working in high risk jobs?

All the nurses and doctors in the hospitals and the nursing homes where so many patients have the huge potential of contracting this deadly disease are still putting their health and their lives on the line for the world around them. Sometimes you realize how much you take for granted, being able to go to the nearby grocery store without fear of contracting a potentially deadly disease.

Now lets think about the jobs you would not think of as “high risk:” That is where I work, at an emergency veterinary clinic. Nobody thinks that a place that takes care of animals would be cause for anyone there to worry about Covid-19, but there are so many people that come in with their animals because they need to be seen for emergency situations.

We are still taking all the necessary measures to ensure our and our clients safety to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We allow only one client in with their pet, and they have to be healthy and not feel sick within the last 48 hours to ensure our staff and other clients within the building do not get the virus.

Now with working a full 40 hour work week in a high risk job, I also am trying to keep up with five courses all of which just turned into online like so many of my classmates. My planner has become my best friend, my shining light in a dark place where I feel I am drowning when it comes to school right now. I am doing my best to keep up with my grades, my work, my lacking social life right now, and the fact that I am currently closing on a house too.

Two dogs sitting on a deck
The author’s dogs helped her through this time. Photo courtesy of Brooke Schultz

This year coming back to school has probably been one of the roughest years or semesters I have ever had. It had been three years since I had been in college and trying to further my career I decided to come back only to be blindsided by this god forsaken virus. I am very thankful that my family is safe and sound here at home and that they are not sick and I hope everyone out there can stay as safe as possible and that if they do contract Covid19 that they make it through without any issues.

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