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Eric Broyles Gives Back: A UCBA Success Story


On Wednesday Oct. 24, UCBA alumnus, Eric Broyles, spoke on campus about his journey from being at the bottom of his high school class to the top in his class and a successful business man, and how he accomplished this feat by following his vision.  His hope is to give back to UCBA for all the help they gave him when he was a young, struggling student by donating one million dollars to the school.  When he attended this campus, he participated in study groups, relied on advice from professors, and surrounded himself with people who shared his vision.  During his speech on Wednesday, he asked his listeners two main questions for success: “What’s your vision?” and “Who’s with you in the turn?”

He shared with his audience that his first accomplishment every morning was to simply make his bed, which helps him get into the right mindset for the rest of the day. Something as simple as small as this can be the first step to making millions. Even if nothing else goes right during the day, at least you can come home to a made bed.  He encouraged us as UCBA students to keep our visions in the forefront of our minds, and not only that but what exactly will we get from fulfilling that goal?  How will our future impact the world and the people around us?

According to Broyles, the best way to accomplish your vision is to surround yourself with people who encourage you through the difficult times as well as the easy times. He implores us to visit our professors whenever we have questions or concerns in our classes. Doing so will help us get ahead. He also said to be conscious of who our friends are; do they share similar visions?  Will they stay by us? He used the word “networking” to describe how we can utilize our connections with professors, friends, and others to help establish a solid foundation for our futures.

Taking all of this into consideration he lets us know that even when things are hard, there are still people with us in the turn. It’s up to us to achieve our own visions, but we don’t have to do it alone.

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