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How to Manage Time Wisely



Time is something that can easily be lost, so it is important to know how to manage it. College students may start to realize they have less free time than they did in high school. And they have to start sacrificing more of their free time to their studies. For college students that want to reallocate their time or have more of it, time management skills are key. People with good time management skills are more productive and have less stress.

A way to work more efficiently in college is by setting up a good schedule. An easy way to save time is to sign up for early morning classes. Doing this gives a college student the rest of the day to study or go to work. A lot of students who have gaps in their schedule tend to spend their time on portable devices. It’s important that if there are any gaps to spend them wisely. In the computer lab at UCBA, cell phones can easily distract students. When students are working on the computer and their phones go off, they often get distracted.

It is crucial to get a planner when a semester begins. In a planner, a college student should put down important due dates of homework, tests, exams, and portfolios. By doing this, students have time to prepare for the near future, and can better arrange their lives. In addition to that, sometimes a to-do list helps with college homework. It helps show a student what all they have to complete within a certain amount of time. UC student Nick Manley describes his time management strategy. “I have a daily planner that I use to remember when homework assignments are due. And I also use Google Calendars to remind me about events and appointments,” he says.

Another very important thing to get in college is sleep. If students do not get enough sleep, then they can not reach their goals of success. It is important to make sure that enough time is spent eating and getting sleep. Students need some free time too.

Distractions are a big problem that can take up people’s time. That is why it is important to choose a good place to study. It is paramount to stay off cellular devices because they are a distraction from studying. In addition to that it’s essential that the student is actually studying and not spending their time talking to their friends.

Sometimes college students struggle when trying to find the answer alone, so making a study group with classmates can help and also speed things up. Also there are resources like a Writing and Study Skills Center and the Math Lab. These resources can help the student if they are stuck and need help.

With dedication these time management skills will become a habit. And at times college may seem overwhelming, but it becomes a lot easier with good skill sets.

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