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Featured Literature: Everyone’s Journey


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This week, we are featuring another poem by Ambyr Strickland. This poem is titled “Everyone’s Journey” , and it is something that Ambyr feels like a lot of people can relate to when they feel as if their life isn’t turning out how they thought it would. If you want to see Ambyr’s first poem, “I See You”, then click here.

Everyone’s Journey by Ambyr Strickland

My destiny, which I thought looked like a blooming field,

Was turning out to be more of a burning forest;

Where smoldering ashes and destruction are hailed,

And death of all is morbidly chorused:


Yet out of this “no-man’s-land” I call my destiny

Comes love, blooming as if it were weaponry

The Author

Ambyr Strickland is a freshman in the Dental Hygiene program.

Make sure to check back soon for more great works of student writing. If you want to see all of the Featured Literature publications, click here.

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