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The featured poem for this week is “Anxiety” by Kelsey Boudreaux. This is actually Kelsey’s second poem to be published in The Activist. Her first was “Shattered”, which you can read here.

Everyone deals with some sort of anxiety. It can occur before you perform in front of an audience or while you are worrying about what grade you are going to get on a test. It can even happen out of nowhere for no apparent reason at all. Kelsey’s poem is all about capturing what that feeling is like, as well as encouraging people to not let their anxiety get them down.

Anxiety by Kelsey Boudreaux

The voice in your head

Making you feel dread

Even when there is nothing to be worried about

Anxiety’s voice is hard to block out

Especially when it turns your fight or flight response on

Making you it’s pawn

As you begin to tremble now caught in anxiety’s grip

Fighting for ownership

Of your body and state of mind

Trying to unwind

The stress

Trying to process

The what

Which isn’t always clear cut

Giving anxiety the upper hand

Making you withstand

Your racing heart

Your emotions making you fall apart

The battle of catching your breath

The anxiety has attacked giving you false fear of death

By anxiety attack

Your emotions racked

Finally, anxiety loosened its grasp

For now, because you know anxiety is not something you can outlast

Your anxiety will always be perched on your shoulder

 Waiting for the opportunity to be the controller

Of your thoughts all it takes is one thought

To get caught

In anxieties trap

But know that anxiety’s attacks are only temporary

 Don’t let your anxiety make you be in the constant state of wary

 The Author

Kelsey Boudreaux Portrait- Altered

Kelsey Boudreaux is a freshman majoring in social work.

Make sure to check back soon for more great works of student writing. If you want to see all of the Featured Literature publications, click here.

Are you interested in writing your own creative literature or seeing the written works of others? The UCBA Creative Writing Club welcomes any and all UC Blue Ash students who are interested in pursuing artistic writing in many genres. Meetings are held every Tuesday in Muntz 322 from 4-5pm and are open to all students.

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