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Top 10 Food Spots Close to The Clifton Campus


By Kevon Armstrong, Kevin Crook, Simone Lomack, and Amanda Senters

Hangover Easy

As the name implies, this is the perfect remedy after a night of too much partying.  The Dirty Sanchez is a crowd favorite. A giant breakfast burrito with queso and chorizo.  What’s not to love? They also carry a wide variety of simple and healthy dishes, making it a place you can go any day of the week.

Sugar N Spice

This hidden gem has the best breakfast around! They are famous for their giant omelettes and their wispy thin pancakes. Their massive portions are enough for even those with the biggest appetite!

Fortune Noodle House

Specializing in hand-pulled noodles, Fortune Noodle House is a Clifton staple when it comes to Asian food. Try the Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles or one of the “ma la” customizable stir fry bowls. Every kind of meat and vegetable option you can imagine means everyone can find something they like.

Highway 55

Step back in time to malt shops and burgers! Highway 55 is set up to look like a 50’s diner. The food is delicious and made to order. They also have a burger challenge that includes 55 oz. of meat on a burger bun, with at least four toppings, a side of fries, a 24 oz. soft drink, and 30 minutes. If you can eat it all in the allotted time period, then the meal is on the house.

Steak and Lemonade

Don’t let the name fool you…There’s far more to this place then just steak and lemonade. From burgers to wings, even omelettes and more. This is the spot for any hungry bearcat.

Island Frydays

One of the best Jamaican places around can be found here in Clifton, Cincinnati. They have burgers, fries, wraps, soups and more…all with a Jamaican twist!


How can you go wrong with pizza? A campus staple with simple and delicious oven-fired pizzas. It’s quick and cheap which is perfect for the college crowd.

Drunken Tacos

A great place to grab a variety of different tacos late at night. They have reasonable prices and a comfortable atmosphere. Many customers enjoy their chips and guac and would recommend the chorizo taco for newcomers.

Izen’s Drunken Bento

A favorite amongst UC students, Izen’s provides a modern, comfortable place to eat and half-priced sushi every day! For newcomers, consider trying their Sunday Morning roll and make sure to sign your name on their signature wall before you leave.


One of Cincinnati’s greatest staples is of course, Graeter’s ice cream. My personal favorite ice cream is their double chocolate chip. They also have candies and pastries. Their cheesecrowns are to die for!

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